Trending in Style: Newspaper Editor Resigns After Topless Kate Middleton Photos

Who can remember that topless photos even happened when this lady is so stunning and put-together all the time? Courtesy of Getty Images.

  • Michael O’Kane, the editor-in-chief of the Irish Daily Star, has stepped down to keep shareholders and England happy.
  • Now that Thanksgiving/Black Friday are over, it’s officially Christmas season! And big name stores like Barney’s, Bendel’s and Macy’s are waaay ahead of you.
  • Natalia Kills did two covers for Dedicate Magazine, and killed it in both (sorry, that last name is just asking for puns.)
  • Who knew Kristen Stewart was SO into sneakers? Owning several pairs of converses and keds, she even wears her worn-out kicks on the red carpet!
  • Here are some great poncho sweaters — though, it’s hard to go wrong with a top that successfully covers your post-Thanksgiving bump.