Kathy Griffin Spills “Scandalous Cup Of Gay Tea” About Anderson Cooper

“Hello gays! It’s me, Kathy Griffin, a genuine comedy fugitive!"

“I’m going to spill the f*cking tea,” said Kathy Griffin after she took the stage wearing a Donald Trump mask at this year’s Best in Drag Show, an annual Aid for AIDS fundraiser in L.A.

“I was part of a little international scandal, under federal investigation for two months, my sister died, my dog died and my mom turned on me,” she told the audience, catching them up on what has happened to her since her infamous photo of her holding a fake severed head of Trump.

“My mother took Sean Hannity’s side. She was a little drunk. She goes, ‘Kathleen, I was watching my Fox News and do you know not one of those guys took your side, not once.’ I said, ‘Yes.’ I got letters from them saying they wanted to shoot me in my c*nt.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Griffin went onto to talk about other recent news like the allegations against Harvey Weinstein and shared some interesting pieces of mail she received after her photo of Trump’s fake head.

One letter was from Billy Bush, but another was from a fan who sent her a letter he had written to Anderson Cooper, calling him out for not supporting her and calling her photo “disgusting.”

Greg Doherty/Getty Images

“I’m going to leave you with a cup of tea, honey. This is a cup of gay tea that is f*cking scandalous and it involves Anderson Cooper,” she said. “For some reason this gay sent me a letter and sent a copy to Anderson. It’s so heinous and so over-the-top horrible that I admit it made me laugh out loud.”

“Dear Anderson, from one homo to another, you’re a fickle faggot. Really? Not supporting and backing Kathy Griffin after she had your back for years. Even to talk about your c*ck-sucking in her comedy back when you were still a closeted queen. And another thing, Anderson: Homo rule 101, you always back your fag hag.”

Griffin has been a staple at the Best in Drag Show, telling the crowd it was her 19th year “or something.”

“I have not had the opportunity to make a living in my profession in my own country for months (and counting),” she told The Daily Mail after her return to the stage. “I was happy to have the opportunity to address 3,000 people and speak out without fear.”

Griffin will continue on her international tour through the rest of October and November, and will hopefully perform again stateside soon.

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