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Kathy Griffin: “The Gay Mafia Is Real. I’m A Product Of It”

The comedian is getting candid about her group of gay friends.

Kathy Griffin has always been an outspoken ally of the LGBT community and she’s now using the skills she’s developed in the fight for gay rights to champion for equality on a larger scale under the Trump administration.

The comedian spoke to Pride Source about how her message has changed since last year’s election, and emphasized that when it comes to demanding equal rights, we’re all in this together.

“It’s important that the LGBT community keep standing strong,” she said. “And what we’re gonna hear a lot of is, ’Well, you guys are single-agenda.’ No, we’re equality. Equality is for all.”
But despite her activism, Griffin still finds time to unwind. And when the subject of Logo’s new reality show Fire Island comes up, the comedian makes it clear whom she’ll be watching with.

“First of all, the gay mafia is real. I’m a product of it and it exists,” she told Pride Source. “So, actually, on the Twitter, I just got a tweet from Jai Rodriguez, the original Queer Eye, saying ’overdue for a Kathy Griffin mafia night at her house.'”

“So it’ll be Jai Rodriguez, Chris Colfer from Glee, Lance Bass and their plus-ones,” she added. “They’ll all come over to my new house and we’ll sit in my fabulous screening room. And then we’ll watch Feud. But that’s just a typical night for me.”

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