Meet The Logo30: Kathy Tu and Tobin Low

The "Nancy" podcast hosts are helping listeners find their gaggle.

Every day during the month of June, we will be spotlighting our 2018 Logo30. The powerful series profiles ordinary and extraordinary people who show pride in unique and provocative ways. Visit the Logo30 homepage to learn more about the series.

The popular Nancy podcast is hosted by two friends, Tobin Low and Kathy Tu, as they talk about “experiences that the queer experience today”. From interviews to political and social commentary, the duo speak on a variety of topics that affect them individually as queer people, but also speak to what is socially affecting them on a larger scale. For Tu and Low, that includes having space to talk about people like Janelle MonĂ¡e who gave them hope in 2018 because she chose “to talk about her queerness at a pinnacle moment.”

The podcast has evolved since the beginning, but being vulnerable with listeners is something that the duo has worked on since the premiere episode. “When we first started, maybe you didn’t hear it as much in the show, but I think we were really afraid of admitting when we didn’t know stuff,” Low tells NewNowNext. “And the more we’ve done the show, the more we recognize that there’s a real power in admitting that you don’t know stuff and then you’re like, ’well, I want to learn.’ Or just being honest about where you are.”

Watch Logo’s full interview with Low and Tu below.

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