Did Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise Split For John Travolta?

Photo Credit: Getty Images

The Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise divorce has been getting headlines for a week now, with the major focus falling on Scientology, the polarizing faith Cruise has long been a part of. What is odd however, is that an even bigger news story involving fellow Scientologist John Travolta and his affinity for male masseurs has disappeared from the media. Which begs the question, did Cruise and Holmes divorce to take the heat of Travolta?

There are many, many odd elements to the divorce between Holmes and Cruise. As almost every Hollywood divorce has shown us, stars wait until they have nothing to promote and are almost entirely out of the public eye before making a major filing like this. Not Tom and Katie though.

Here is a list of things that also happened this week for the former Mr. and Mrs. Cruise. Holmes’s new feature in the August issue of Elle was released, she announced she would be showing at New York Fashion Week with her Holmes & Yang line and she taped an appearance as a judge on Project Runway.

Cruise meanwhile released the trailer for his new film Jack Reacher and topped Forbes list of the highest earning actors in Hollywood. All these things got far, far more press because of the pair’s divorce.

Even on a practical level the divorce makes no sense. Why would Holmes divorce her husband days before his birthday? Further, what New Yorker with money chooses to find a new apartment in June in the middle of a heatwave? This may be a bit of a stretch but as anyone in the city will tell you, these past few weeks have been hell. Literally.

The notion that Holmes is against Scientology is also being floated around, but the actress has never seemed uneasy about the faith before.

Both are also managing to come out of this divorce looking better. Holmes, who has long been described as a robot, is now viewed as a strong and independent woman. Cruise meanwhile is getting a huge outpouring of sympathy from the public, something not common for a multi, multi-millionaire.

The divorce won’t go away either, with both camps clearly leaking minor details and repeated motions being filed over 6-year-old daughter Suri and custody issues. Scientology is at the center of it all, in this case facing rumors that Suri was to be shipped off to an extreme camp.

At the same time, the Travolta gay scandal has completely died down. Which, though maybe just gossip, is astounding given the scope of allegations the man is facing. Numerous masseurs have come forward claiming they were sexually assaulted by this man and no one seems to want to follow up on any of it.

Scientology has long been against homosexuality, and many members claim the church has cured them of the “disease.” So it is a huge PR problem when the second biggest face in the church is smacked with lawsuit after lawsuit for not just inappropriate, but illegal sexual behavior.

Travolta’s new film Savages is being released today, and all week the press has failed to note his recent troubles in their articles. In fact the story just seemed to go away. So thanks to the divorce of Holmes and Cruise, the church’s biggest problem now has to do with how they would treat a 6-year-old girl and not the sexual deviance of one of their figureheads.

We have a funny feeling that if you called up every man that brought a suit against Travolta in a week, they would have no comment. We have a funny feeling a whole lot of masseurs are getting some healthy handouts this week and being told to keep quiet and go away. Just a hunch.

And, let’s all be honest, not one person in America is surprised or shocked that Holmes and Cruise split. We all knew this day would come, we just did not know when. Further, we all knew that when the day did come Scientology would be right at the center of the “scandal.”

Lucky for Travolta, the day came at just the right time to save his career and standing in the church.

Seems like Scientology won this one.