Katy Perry Kinda Called Paul McCartney A Hack, And It Was Pretty Goddamn Funny: WATCH

The reigning princess of pop, Miss Katy Perry, took her California gurl ass across the pond to promote her new album Prism in London Town last week, and stopped by what we consider to be the greatest talk show in all the world, The Graham Norton Show. She had some drinks, she chatted with Graham and his other guests, James Corden, Natalie Portman, Chris Hemsworth and Paul McCartney, and then she kinda called Mr. McCartney a hack.

It was all in jest of course, but that still takes some giant fucking balls.

Corden and Perry were both asked to guess how many number one singles Pauley had racked up in his life, with Mr. Corden guessing 55 and KP going with 42. When Norton informed them their guesses were a bit too high, that is when Katy Kat had this to say.

Well, I’ve already had 10 and I’ve only been going for, like, five years.

Watch it all go down at the 5:36 mark above.

How we love that wild and crazy Katy Perry. And it seems like Mr. McCartney is quite the fan too.

Oh, and Paul McCartney has had 24 number one singles.