NEW VIDEO: Katy Perry ‘The One That Got Away’

Yet another Katy Perry video? Shocking!

Fall is traditional Oscar-bait time, when films get less summer-flashy and more serious and respected. That tendency is befalling music videos now as well, with pop starlets puling out all the stops on their pre-Holiday releases.  Recently we’ve had Britney Spear’s “Criminal,” all dramatic plot and sexy slow-mo touching, and Rihanna’s “We Found Love” which comes off student film meets an episode of “Skins.” So now Katy Perry, who is best known for videos where both fireworks and whipped cream shoot out of her breasts, is going cinematic in the new video for “The One That Got Away,” released today.

The clip featured half-dressed, unkempt Perry closeups, off-center and out-of-focus. The coffee stirs, she twirls with a rugged boy we know probably isn’t good for her.  The road stretches on forever, there’s art and a fight and left-behind taffeta. It’s the “Once” of Katy Perry music videos.  And we’ll complete forget about what a serious artist she is by spring when she’s rolling around in cotton candy and gummie bears again.