Katya Is A Cactus-Stealing Killer In Film Noir Parody “Redmond Hand, Private Dick”

"If my son turned out gay... I would want him to be a top."

Every Wednesday, we’ll be sharing short films that illuminate queer life. Welcome to #HumpdayShorts.

In Todd Selby’s comedic queer short Redmond Hand, Private Dick, a lesbian private eye risks her life to return a cactus to its rightful owner.

The Wire’s Felicia “Snoop” Pearson stars as Red Hand, a detective with a love for hard liquor, condo fires, and soft women. It’s that last one that gets Red in trouble, though, when a sexy damsel in distress struts into Red’s office with a sob story about a missing cactus.

Redmond Hand

“You and me gonna be wrestling around in some Pottery Barn sheets before we know it,” Red assures her. After all, the private dick admits, “I’ve done weirder shit for some pussy.”

But when Drag Race femme fatale Katya Zamolodchikova appears with a clue to the mystery, Red gets caught up in Echo Park’s underground cactus scene and finds herself in a world of danger.

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