Katya On Her Past Drug Addiction: “I’ve Been Through Hell On Meth”

The "Drag Race" queen opens up on RuPaul's podcast.

Katya was the latest guest on RuPaul’s podcast What’s the Tee? With Michelle Visage and the trio talked about everything from Katya coming out to her parents to All Stars 2 and her drug addiction that took over her life.

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Katya revealed that after suffering a nervous breakdown during her sophomore year at Massachusetts College of Art and Design she “latched” onto drugs to pull her through her breakdown and out of her depression.

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“I’m thinking of suicide everyday because I cant imagine at losing at life,” Katya thought at the time. “I started stealing speed from my roommate. I wanted to do drugs to do more, to live, to cope, to be happy.”

She revealed to Ru and Michelle how she was introduced to meth by a friend, but is thankful everyday that she never got into the “PNP” scene because she was too much of a “loner and rebel.”

“I’ve been through hell on meth, but I’ve also been up in the clouds, and thats why you do it.”


These days Katya is in a much better place now that she’s a drag superstar after competing on RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Seven and this year’s All Stars 2.

“When Alaska walked in there the first thing I thought was ’f*ck, I cant win,’ she told Ru when he asked how she felt returning to the workroom for All Stars. “The second thing was: ’oh, thank God’ because I felt free, the pressure was off. I cant have to win but I need to be able to do this well. And I did that and I was proud of myself.”

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Now Katya is working on a one woman show, Help Me, I’m Dying which was successfully funded on Kickstarter. She can also be seen on her insane web series with Trixie Mattel, UNHhhh.

Come through, Katya!

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