This Video Of A 10-Year-Old Breaking It Down To Shangela’s “Werqin’ Girl” Is Everything

Sorry Shangela, we’re gonna let you finish and all, but 10-year-old Kaycee Rice dancing to “Werqin’ Girl” is one of the greatest dance performances of all times. This little lady is werqin’ it for days.

Ms. Rice, a pint-sized hip hop sensation, took top overall award, and we assume will continue to do so for the rest of her life, with this routine at a recent competition. Choreographed by Tricia Miranda, who works with some singer named Missy Elliot, this little lady puts those spoiled brats from Dance Moms to shame.

So keep it going Kaycee, and Shang, we love you and all, but time to step up your game cause this girl here is clearly coming to snatch your wig.

Check out this amazing, amazing performnce above.