Everybody’s a Little Bit Gay in Keiynan Lonsdale’s Epic New Bop

He really put "bussy" in a pop song!

Keiynan Lonsdale is a gay street fighter, and he doesn’t care who knows it.

On Monday, the singer and queer star of Love, Simon and The Flash dropped his epic battle cry of a bop: “Gay Street Fighter,” an unapologetically gay self-love anthem for the ages. The track is an ode to “fighting games” Lonsdale grew up playing and serves as a rally cry for a war against homophobia, the singer told Gay Times U.K.

In it, the Aussie-born multi-talent shuts down homophobes, schooling them on “why us pretty boys rule.” Check out these lyrics:

And they be bitchin bout the homo’s
Cause they got the fomo
Bet they wanna taste the bussy so good
See we can hit it from the front
We can get it from the back
Probably suck up on they dick goo
Better than they chick doo
Makin all the straight boys (uh)
I know I’m makin it hard for you

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And that’s only the second verse! Those aforementioned bigots turn Lonsdale into a full-fledged “gay street fighter,” and the 28-year-old spends the latter half of the song spitting rhymes about how “everybody’s just a little bit gay.”

When Lonsdale says everyone, he really means everyone: your mother, your brother, “all your soldiers.” Hell, even God’s “just a little bit gay (he gay).”

The percussion-heavy, funk-inspired track is something of a stylistic departure for Lonsdale, whose older cuts skewed more toward pop and R&B. But he is no stranger to self-empowerment anthems. His previous single, 2019’s “Rainbow Dragon,” also featured lyrics about fully embracing yourself and making no apologies.

What do you say—will you stand with Lonsdale? ’Cause he’s gonna need all the help he can get to change the world.

Grab your boxing gloves and listen to “Gay Street Fighter” below.

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