Kele Okereke and Olly Alexander Team Up For Gay Love Song “Grounds For Resentment”

The Bloc Party frontman strips down for first new track off of "Fatherland."

Openly gay Bloc Party frontman Kele Okereke has penned a pop song called “Grounds For Resentment” and brought in out singer Olly Alexander in to make it a love song. The duet has a very Lily Allen-esque happy melody juxtaposed with slice-of-life lyrics of longing and heartbreak. (“You’ve made an effort with your hair/it’s not for me/I would not dare/to think that I’m the one you dress for anymore,” Okereke sings on the first verse.)


Okereke recently told The Guardian that he was inspired by Alexander’s position on writing songs as a gay musician, and how “pronouns in pop music … was the last frontier for gay artists.”

“I thought that was very perceptive and intelligent,” Okereke said. “There are lots of gay acts that avoid using the term he when singing about same sex desire. It will just be a neutral term, whereas Olly understands from what I read that there is a long way to go for gay musicians in being able to describe love and desire authentically. So I was very happy to sing a romantic duet with him on my album, because I couldn’t think of a precedent of any out gay musicians singing a love song to one another without having to hide behind codes.”


“Grounds For Resentment” appears on Okereke’s third forthcoming solo album, Fatherland, which comes out October 6 from BMG Music. The album was heavily influenced by the birth of his daughter, Savannah, in December 2016. He’ll be heading out on a U.K. tour supporting the album this fall.

Trish Bendix is a Los Angeles-based writer.