Kellan Lutz Is A Sexy Farmboy, Sam Smith Can’t Resist Five Guys: CELEBRITY INSTAGRAM

Matt Dallas heats up the kitchen, Matthew Mitcham goes Hollywood, Ryan Kelley loses his short for protein

I wonder if he gets paid extra for endorsing a product if he does it with his shirt off?

Jim is hanging with Ryan O’Connell, whose life he’s working to turn into a television show

Wednesday with @ryanoconn ?

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Sam Smith must be forgoing the healthy eating to grab some Five Guys. I know I cheat on my diet there sometimes


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Van Hansis still looks like Luke all these years later

This honestly isn’t Max’s best look

#AmericanHorrorStory #GAGA #RideTheLightning ⚡️TONIGHT⚡️

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Playing with the Beach Boys, starring in two sitcoms and producing one and he still has time for a staring contest with his dog

Early morning swim with the pooch. #Linka

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Jake, Darren, Andy and Will could make me commit a Gross Indeceny

Chad White is the male supermodel

Now our Matty is getting into acting? Are his diving days behind him?

About to meet with an acting agent. Dressed accordingly. #actorselfie

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Cute, talented, and he can cook?

I’d like to head up to the hayloft with him

Who says you can’t be a jock and a nerd?

I love the nerdy side of Cole Sprouse

As happy as I am that the Ten Commandments is being removed from public property, that shadow makes it even better

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