GLAAD and Kellogg’s Launch Special Edition “All Together” Spirit Day Cereal

This is grrrrrreat!

GLAAD has enlisted some cereal superstars to help them support Spirit Day.

Kellogg’s has teamed up with GLAAD for the annual day celebrating anti-LGBTQ bullying by launching a special edition “All Together” cereal. It will be available today, October 18, at the Kellogg’s Café in New York’s Union Square. Visitors will receive an “All Together” special edition box, and they can make their own cereal by mixing a combination of their favorite Kellogg’s cereals.


All proceeds from the cereal purchased on Spirit Day at Kellogg’s Café will be donated to GLAAD.

The front of the “All Together” cereal box features some of your favorite breakfast characters like Tony the Tiger, Toucan Sam, Snap, Crackle & Pop and Cornelius the Corn Flakes rooster. The back of the box reads:

“We all belong together. All Together Cereal is a symbol of belonging no matter how you look, where you’re from, or who you love. We believe that all young people and those young at heart deserve an environment where they can grow up to be their best selves. That’s why we’ve joined forces with GLAAD by going purple on Spirit Day to stand up against bullying in all forms, and support a more accepting world for LGBTQ youth. Join us and pledge to go purple on Spirit Day to show solidarity with LGBTQ youth and take part in the largest, most visible LGBTQ anti-bullying campaign in the world. Visit and take the pledge today.”

Kellogg’s has been a public supporter of Spirit Day since 2016 when they launched their special Spirit Day Bowl with an event featuring out singer Brian Justin Crum at the Kellogg’s Café.

Are we the only ones thinking cereal for lunch today?

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