Kelly Ripa Enlists Matt Bomer For “Hamilton” Halloween Musical Mashup

Cameos from Anderson Cooper, Andy Cohen and Neil Patrick Harris rounded out the gay extravaganza.

Today was Live! With Kelly’s annual Halloween costume spooktacular and once again the morning talk show host did not disappoint.

Just dressing up in one costume is for amateurs, so Ripa started off the show with a musical parody of Hamilton entitled “Kelly Ripa’s Halloween,” and she had special guest Matt Bomer take the viewers at home on a history tour of her past ensembles:

As if dressing in Hamilton garb wasn’t enough, Ripa also auditioned to be the newest Spice Girl with the help of her friend Anderson Cooper:

Live! then took on the Presidential election and had Ripa dressed as Donald Trump and her co-host for the day, Jerry O’Connell as Hillary Clinton for a political edition of Family Feud hosted by Andy Cohen:

She also grabbed her Hot Sauce and channeled her inner Beyoncé for a fierce Lemonade-inspired look. Keep your eyes peeled for Neil Patrick Harris as a Bachelor contestant in the skit below:

Once again, Queen Kelly for the Halloween win.

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