Kerri Watt’s New Music Video Is A Bonafide Biker “Brokeback Mountain”

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Scottish singer Kerri Watt released the music video for her piano ballad “Long Way Home,” and the accompanying music video that tells the story of a secret gay affair between two rugged biker bros.

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Watt plays the girlfriend of one of them, who slowly comes to realize her man is living a double life.

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The video is definitely an homage to Brokeback Mountain.

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One moment, in particular, should almost have a “REPOST” caption somewhere in frame.

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After one of the handsome lovers is beaten by some homophobic bikers, Watt’s boyfo retaliates in his defense…

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… but not before Watt discovers a love note concerning their affair.

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Ms. Watt spoke to Attitude Magazine about the gut-wrenching track.

It’s probably the most honest and vulnerable song I’ve ever written. I wrote it while I was wrapped up in a moment of confusion and emotion.

I felt it was the right time to come out with something a bit more serious that really allows me to express my feelings in the vocals.

I’m excited for people to hear another side of me.

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Watch the sexy, star crossed tough guys brood around on wind swept hills below.