Ke$ha’s ‘Die Young’ Video: A Gorgeous Hot Mess

The apocalypse looks fun!

Ke$ha music videos are always guaranteed to make you smile, and her new masterpiece for “Die Young” is no exception.

Serving us all some Mad Max South of the Border realness, Ke$ha and her merry, and hunky, band of misfits arrive in town via a hearse, and in no time are kicking down church doors, ransacking furniture and getting their crazy choreography on. It is a beautiful, beautiful sight to behold.

This is intercut with scenes of Ke$ha doing what she does best — mugging for the cameras. Pouting her lips, tossing her hair and basically looking like a dirty David Yurman model. A dirty and super hot David Yurman model mind you.

This apocalypse looks like a blast.

Watch it all go down here, and pick up Ke$ha’s new album Warrior on December 4.

Ke$ha’s New Single ‘Die Young’: A Review