Ke$ha Wrote A Song About Her Vagina … With Her Mom

Is anyone really surprised by this?

Is anyone really surprised by this?

Ke$ha, pop star love of our life, always manages to find a new and fun way to surprise us all. Today’s gem comes from an interview she did where she discusses writing a song about her vagina. With her mother.

Ke$ha recently gave an interview about her new single “Gold Trans Am,” off her album Warrior, where she told the interviewer she and her mother were writing the song about her car, but then things went south. Lieterally.

“It began as a song about my car, which is a gold Trans Am, and it works about 40 per cent of the time,” Ke$ha said. “I don’t have another car because I love that one so much. But then like all great pop it became a metaphor for something else – my p****.”

And that is today’s amazing Ke$ha story.

And, of course, for more Ke$ha, be sure to check out her new reality show, Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Lifewhen it premieres April 23 on MTV.

Just think of all the awesome stories we are going to hear…

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