Ke$ha ‘Warrior’ Is The Greatest & Funniest Album Of The Holiday Season

ke$ha warrior album review

Our crazy gal! Photo Credit: Getty Images

Have we expressed how much we love Ke$ha? And how we think we could totally be best friends if she would just return our phone calls? Well, given our bias, it should be no surprise that we think Ke$ha’s new album Warrior is the greatest thing ever, but to be fair we decided we would quote other legit critics who feel the same. Kinda.

Here is what a few of them had to say.

“Love her or hate her, Ke$ha always inspires some good debates. Her defenders say she’s a pop rebel who tweaks sexual double standards. (Well, she does call a guy a ”slut” on her new album, Warrior. Feminism!) Her detractors say she’s a shameless promoter of boozy toothbrushing, no better than a frat boy. But neither side gives her credit for the fact that she’s actually really funny. Just listen to the sultry slow-burner about hooking up with a ghost (”Supernatural”) or the duet with Iggy Pop that claims Rick Santorum keeps his V-neck sweater on during sex (”Dirty Love”). Now ask yourself, could Rihanna pull that off?” – EW

“In fact, Ke$ha’s trademark trashiness is still disturbingly infectious. It’s hard not to smile when she sings about getting it on with a ghost, or rhymes “sabre-toothed tiger” with ’warm Budweiser’.  However, even Iggy Pop has no answer to Ke$ha’s strangest come-on from their flirty duet: ’Champagne tastes like p*** to me.'” – BBC

“There’s no revelation here, only strong fun. Always, she’s loud; using several different voices, she pins you. In songs like “Die Young” and “C’Mon,” in party-defiant mode, Kesha bellows her hooks, full and clear; the tone and body and trueness of pitch don’t seem to be faked.” – NY Times

“Ke$ha was born to be a rock star. She’s a disco queen who dresses like Axl Rose and overdoses on personality like the New York Dolls. She rules pop radio with her megasleaze boombox beats, junk-shop rags and bleached-Sabbath hair. We all know glitter girls who dress like Ke$ha, talk like Ke$ha, party like Ke$ha and slap the world around like Ke$ha. But it’s insanely rare to see one of these parking-lot queens roll with the big-league pop stars. When she’s on, Ke$ha can make everyone else on the charts seem like a church lady.” – Rolling Stone

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