Kevin McHale Accidentally Gave His Boyfriend Salmonella

"He should break up with me."

Having a rough day? At least you’re not actor Kevin McHale, who accidentally gave his boyfriend salmonella.

On Twitter, the Glee alum made an embarassing confession: He (unintentionally) served his BF, fellow actor Austin McKenzie, some undercooked chicken sausage, resulting in a bad bout of salmonella. At first, the couple thought McKenzie was “superrrrr sick” with COVID-19, but after two separate tests came back negative, they realized it was actually the bacteria-borne illness.

“He should break up with me,” McHale tweeted. “I would.”

He kept the jokes coming, too: When one of his followers said McKenzie needed to take away his phone, McHale said, “He’s asleep because I poisoned him!”

As NewNowNext previously reported, McHale came out as gay and confirmed his relationship with McKenzie in 2018. The announcement came after a tongue-in-cheek tweet he’d written calling an Ariana Grande song “gayer than I am.” Prior that, he’d never explicitly addressed his sexual orientation.

In the years since his career-defining role as Artie Abrams in Glee, McHale has continued to act and perform, appearing on shows like Royalties and Elite and releasing his own music.

Here’s hoping McKenzie feels better soon (and McHale learns how to properly cook chicken sausage).

Main image: McKenzie (L) and McHale at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards.

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