Kids Discussing Caitlyn Jenner’s Negative Press Will Give You Hope For The Future

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A group of young children discuss Caitlyn Jenner’s transition and the public’s reception of the news in a touching new video that’s going viral this week, and their words will give you solid hope for the future.

In the beginning, the kids are shown two photos — one of Caitlyn presenting as male during her days as a gold medalist at the 1976 Olympics, and another from her most recent Vanity Fair shoot. When asked to describe the people they see in the photos, the kids see Caitlyn in 1976 as a strong athlete with solid arms, and as a powerful, confident woman with impeccable style in 2015.

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Next, the kids are asked, “What would happen if I told you they are the same person?”

Their reactions are swift and understanding, delivered with the kind of compassion that’s lost on people who are generations older than them.

“Who she wants to be is who she should be,” one young girl says. Another, placing himself in Caitlyn’s shoes, says “What if this were happening to me? What if I was the one coming through this?”

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The kids are shown negative reactions from bigots slandering her in the media and respond appropriately.

“I think they’re just scared of change and want everything to stay the same because they don’t know how to handle it,” one child says. Another adds, “I think it’s partly because the people who are saying [negative things] are afraid to change themselves.”

Beautiful! Check it out below:

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