Kids Do The Fiercest Things: Presenting The Legendary Up-And-Coming Children


Contrary to popular opinion, kids today really do know the value of hard werq. Some may decry the younger generation for its addiction to the Facetweeting and the Snapbooking, but the internet has provided all the evidence you need to show that the kids are indeed all right. Hell, they’re better than all right. They’re serving, they’re turning, they’re dipping, and they’re not apologizing for it.


Hide your jewels, because these kids are coming for the crown.


This little monster is snatching all the tens, despite the shade from those jealous pint-sized jezebels in the back who just can’t handle it.

Pep. Pa. La. Bei. Ja. Jr.

Where would we bey without Bey?

Blue Ivy is so jelly of Heaven since she made it onto Ellen.

Just like Sophia Grace and her mini-hype man.

Daniela is clearly not about sharing the spotlight because mama is hogging it like bbq pulled pork. Happy 4th!

These kids are aliens. British aliens.

And now for a Madonna “Vogue” interlude. First off, a vintage classic.

That day Shaun Sperling became a man. A gay man.

Meanwhile, where was this kween when I was in kindergarten?

Paris Is Burning is perhaps the most important cultural touchstone of the past 25 years — why? Because here are some little Russian girls channeling gay black American men and voguing for the gods. Dorian Corey would even raise an eyebrow in half-approval.


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