Kim Kardashian Is Now Single And Fat

Kanye West chooses North as a baby name.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Do you think Kim Kardashian secretly loves all the attention this weight gain is bringing about? She seems to purposely be wearing the most unflattering clothes ever, right? Anyway, turns out she’s now fat AND single since Kanye West dumped her.

It’s Wacky Weekly Wednesday.

“She’s eating her feelings,” some insider told InTouch. “She’s telling friends that she’s miserable in her relationship with Kanye because he’s deserted her.”

That’s not all either!

“She knows she’s probably going to end up being a single mom. No wonder she’s packing on the pounds.”

Kanye, for his part, is trying to get with rapper Iggy Azalea the mag claims (We woulda guessed Frank Ocean…). And Kim is stressed because she thinks Kanye is cheating.

So scandalous!

This whole story is just a giant mess, and we are pretty sure Kim, who has gained a normal amount of pregnancy weight, and Kanye are fine.

That being said, get used to seeing this story every week until Kim’s baby comes along.

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