Kim Petras Is a Smoking-Hot Queen With an “Icy” Heart in New Music Video

The pop sensation and Halloween ghoulfriend shows us her dark side.

Kim Petras may have an icy heart, but she’s dialing the thermometer all the way up in her latest music video.

The out pop sensation—who most recently unveiled TURN OFF THE LIGHT, her annual Halloween-themed project—has dropped a new music video for “Icy,” an earworm off of her 12-track album Clarity. The sultry video sees Petras dance in various states of undress, ranging from a Britney Spears-esque tube top and white pants combo, to a sequined black ball gown.

Clare Gillen and Alexandre Moors

At one point, she even sheds her clothes completely and submerges herself underwater.

Oh, did we mention her creepy, icy-blue contact lenses?

#20BiTeen has been a big year for the German-born pop singer, who closed out the ERA 1 phase of her music career in February when she released a final trio of upbeat pop singles. She’s also setting off on an international tour for Clarity beginning October 21.

“Icy” and TURN OFF THE LIGHT are hardly Petras’ first forays into horror-themed pop. Last October, she released TURN OFF THE LIGHT VOL. 1, her inaugural Halloween record.

Though she’s now best known for her music, Petras first made headlines internationally more than a decade ago, when she became one of the youngest people in the world to undergo gender confirmation surgery at age 16.

Watch the full video for “Icy” below.

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