Kim Petras Gives Good Paris Hilton in “Stars Are Blind” Cover

Legends recognizing legends!

She told us she would!

Plenty of musical artists have taken to performing acoustic sets in their home during quarantine, and trans pop star Kim Petras is no different. During last week’s The Stonewall Inn Gives Back benefit show livestream, the “Reminds Me” singer joined other out artists in putting her talents to good use.

Fans of the German-born singer know Petras is a sucker for all things Paris Hilton—including “Stars Are Blind,” the socialite’s debut pop single from 2006. She even told Logo last year that she was planning to cover the bop!

So it should come as no surprise that Petras paid tribute to her celebrity idol with a stripped-down cover of “Stars Are Blind.” True to form, her cover slaps, but the real magic happened when Hilton herself shared Petras’ stirring rendition on Twitter.

“This was so beautiful it made me cry,” Hilton tweeted. “Love you, @KimPetras!”

Petras, of course, was starstruck:

Catch Petras’ full “Stars Are Blind” cover in the Stonewall Inn Gives Back livestream on YouTube—and watch her interview with Logo below, in which she teases her “tight” cover of Hilton’s “magnum opus.”

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