Kim Petras Says “F*ck Love” in New Anti-Valentine’s Day Bop

She's still got an ice-cold heart.

“Icy” queen Kim Petras isn’t relinquishing her frozen throne anytime soon.

The trans pop star has released “Reminds Me,” an R&B-inspired bop timed to Valentine’s Day this Friday. But make no mistake, this isn’t your average lovey-dovey, sugary-sweet synth-pop single filled with creamy lyrical clichés.

If anything, “Reminds Me” is a darker, anti–Valentine’s Day anthem for the ages, spelling out the German-born singer’s frustration with being burned by love—and not being able to do anything that conjures memories of her ex. Just check out these lyrics:

I’m stuck, fucked up
Fuck love, I’m up
Can’t sleep, can’t think, because
My heart is broke
You left me cold
You left the pain
You took my soul, damn

We’d expect nothing less from Petras, whose discography includes plenty of dance-floor fodder, collabs with artists like Sophie and Lil Aaron, and not one but two horror-themed mixtapes pegged to Halloween (last October’s Turn Off the Light, anyone?).

It’s all in a day’s night’s work for the 27-year-old pop princess and bona fide troll of the infamously anti-LGBTQ Westboro Baptist Church. So pick your poison of choice and go stream “Reminds Me” below.

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