King Princess’ “Prophet” Music Video Is a Cannibalistic Queer Fever Dream

She's the whole damn meal—literally!

Our “Cheap Queen” King Princess is at it again with another killer music video—er, literally.

Still relentlessly teasing her forthcoming debut album, the 20-year-old singer-songwriter premiered a music video for her latest single, “Prophet,” to satiate fans on her YouTube channel this Wednesday. The video sees KP, née Mikaela Straus, lust after a femme hottie in the stands as she kikis with a high school football team in full-on quarterback garb.

Her character goes on to sing for a group of older men in a club, still making eyes at the aforementioned hottie, who’s apparently also a chef.

In true King Princess fashion, the 4 minute-long video takes a few drastic turns: one memorable scene sees the singer leading an all-male construction site crew.

The next sees her splayed out on the dinner table for patrons of said club à la Tom Petty and the Heartbreaker’s “Don’t Come Around Here No More” music video from 1985. Cake, anyone?

She’s a whole freaking meal, damn it, and KP’s rabid fans were quick to point that out. Viewers who watched the live premiere on YouTube and reacted in the corresponding chatroom praised the singer for her eclectic artistic vision—and begged the young gay icon to top them. Because, duh, she practically oozes that Big Dyke Energy (BDE).

Watch the full video for “Prophet” below, napkins and forks not included.

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