NOW: 5 Best Kirsten Dunst Films

Dunst with Fisher and Caplan in 'Bachelorette'

Kirsten Dunst is at the Sundance Film Festival to premiere her new flick Bachelorette this evening alongside costars Rebel Wilson, Lizzy Caplan and Isla Fisher. So, in honor of Kirsten’s big day, here are our five favorite films Ms. Dunst has made in her almost twenty year career.

  • Melancholia — Kirsten took home the Best Actress prize at Cannes, an award that had not been won by an American actress since Holly Hunter took home honors for The Piano in 1993, for her portrayal of the beautiful yet depressed Justine in Lars von Trier’s amazing tale about the end of the world. She also disrobed, and looked great doing so.
  • Marie Antoinette — Some people absolutely loathed Sofia Coppola’s somewhat revisionist ode to the tragic French queen,  but with all the costumes, food and pretty pastels, who really cares? An added bonus was the contemporary soundtrack Copola used throughout the film.
  • Bring It On — The greatest cheerleading movie ever made. Dunst plays the conflicted Torrance, captain of the Rancho Carne Toros, who is forced to make some major changes when she learns her team’s award winning routines have been stolen. We realize how ridiculous that sounds but somehow this all works.
  • The Virgin Suicides — Yet another collaboration between Dunst and Coppola, this adaptation of Jeffrey Eugenides’ beautiful and haunting novel about five sisters living in Michigan in the seventies marked the actress’ transition from child roles to more adult fare.
  • Dick — A hysterical and completely underrated comedy also starring Michelle Williams, this flick gives us a different explanation for what really went down with President Nixon and Watergate. Kirsten plays Arlene, a girl under amazing amounts of pressure as the secret service is following her AND she can’t find any books for her report on turquoise jewelry that is due in two days.