Watch Kit Harington Pop His Tuck Doing Drag Burlesque on “SNL”

"Prepare to edge."

Bless Saturday Night Live writers for always relying on a hunky host’s body-ody-ody.

While Kit Harington did plenty to geek out Game of Thrones fans as host of last night’s episode, one sketch put the King of the North in touch with his inner queen.

In “Bachelorette Party,” Harington plays Brian, who shows up in a trench coat to surprise his fiancée (Cecily Strong) with a striptease. But instead of a Chippendales routine, he serves old-school burlesque using the unfortunate stage name Eva Braun.


“Prepare to edge as you watch me take off my glove,” Brian teases, wearing heels “for posture” and working two fans. “Looky looky and you might see my cookie cookie!”

“Men are not meant for the tease, but thankfully, your husband is no man,” says Kate McKinnon as his French burlesque instructor, who made sure her student tucked.

“Of course he tucked,” she says. “The baby must be in the carseat, otherwise it flies through the window.”


After a little mishap—”I felt a pop in my tuck! My tuck has popped!”—Brian finally strips down to his briefs and a pair of pasties. Yes, we will bend the knee!

As a bonus, Harington also showed off his undies in another sketch about a nervous patient preparing to receive a rectal examination.

Check out both sketches below.

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