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“Legend of Korra” Comic Book Confirms What We All Knew About The Animated Series

"Before we go, there’s one last thing I want to do on our vacation.”

The new The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars gives queer fans of the animated series what we’ve wanted: Korra and Asami sharing a full-on lip lock.

In Part One of the Dark Horse miniseries based on Nickelodeon’s The Legend of Korra, out now, there’s little doubt Korra and Asami are lovers.

In the 2014 TV show finale, the two were heading to the Spirit World together, grasping each other’s hands and gazing into each other’s eyes. It was a knowing nod to #Korrasami shippers, but was still a little vague.

Turf Wars picks up after their time in the Spirit World, with Asami telling Kora, “Before we go, there’s one last thing I want to do on our vacation.”

Then they kiss.

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“You can celebrate it, embrace it, accept it, get over it, or whatever you feel the need to do, but there is no denying it,” Legend of Korra co-creator Bryan Konietzko wrote on Tumblr after the animated series finale. “That is the official story. Korra and Asami fell in love. Were they friends? Yes, and they still are, but they also grew to have romantic feelings for each other.”

Turf Wars, written by Konietzo’s co-creator, Michael Dante DiMartino, and illustrated by Irene Koh, also includes queer character Kya.

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Kya explains how attempts to make the Earth Kingdom (one of four nations in their world) more LGBT-friendly were unsuccessful.

“Even Avatar Kyoshi—who by all accounts loved men and women—was unable to effect any kind of real progress,” she explained. “After all, the Earth Kingdom has been the slowest to accept change and the most militaristically repressive.”

Turf Wars: Part 1 is out now, with Part 2 following in January 2018.

Trish Bendix is a Los Angeles-based writer.