Kris & Bruce Jenner Getting Divorced, He’s Taking The Kids

kris jenner divorce


Kris and Bruce Jenner are in the biggest fight ever and he is so over their marriage and he is moving out and he doesn’t care about some stupid reality show and he hates Kris’ guts and so long Kourtney, Kim and Khloe.

It’s Wacky Weekly Wednesday.

This week Star, because it is just easier to go there first for all of your ridiculous news, is reporting that Kris and Bruce are done, and he ain’t hanging out no more with that she-devil momager. And, in fact, it is the couple’s daughters, Kylie and Kendall, who are making it happen. The nerve!

“Kylie and Kendall broke down crying to Bruce,” Kris Humphries an insider told the magazine.

So Bruce is moving his girls out so they can have childhoods and stop doing magazine shoots and reality shows.

Oh, and Kourtney hates Kris too for being so involved in her relationship with baby daddy Scott Disick. Because what kind of mother meddles in their child’s life?

“The family really is in an all out war,” the insider claims.

This family is never, ever separating, if for the money alone. We guarantee you.

Good try though Star!

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