Kristen Stewart and Kate McKinnon Make a Perfect Tegan and Sara on “SNL”

*Croons in lesbian*

Is Saturday Night Live gayer than ever? Discuss.

Regular SNL viewers will remember Saturday’s sexy “pig boy” sketch starring Bowen Yang and celebrity host Kristen Stewart, but there was another hilariously gay skit that had to be cut for time: an open mic night at a cafe with Yang as the MC.

Yang sings a #relatable song about his biggest fear (turning 30, duh). But the true gem of this sketch comes later, when Yang welcomes a sister singer-songwriter duo to the stage: K-Stew and Kate McKinnon as Prudence and Chastity, a.k.a. SNL’s take on Tegan and Sara Quin.

The sister act, who just moved to Los Angeles from “Persecution, Pennsylvania,” belt a soft-rock song about something bad that happened to them—and plug the FX show about their life, created by Ryan Murphy, who owns the rights to their life story. They return to the stage later in the night sketch for another number, prefaced by McKinnon’s spiel about how overwhelming life in L.A. is for two sisters from the middle of nowhere.

“A lot has changed for us,” she says. “We used to have hair down to our holes, but then we cut it, and now we’re models with a story.”

Two openly queer actresses portraying Canada’s greatest contribution to gay culture? Now that is a spoof we can all get behind.

Watch SNL’s full “Open Mic” sketch below.

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