Kristen Stewart Is Totally A Lesbian, Dating Katy Perry’s Assistant

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

What would we do with the National Enquirer and their amazing, AMAZING stories?

Everyone’s favorite ridiculous mag has a new story this week all about how Kristen Stewart is now apparently a lesbian and dating Katy Perry’s assistant. Their proof?

  • Kristen and┬áTamra Natisin (Katy’s assistant) hang out together.
  • One night when the two went out with a large group, they spent time alone talking with one another.
  • They then left together.
  • Tamra is a gay right’s activist and marched in a Gay Pride parade.

And that’s it.

Long story short, any straight person with a possibly gay friend they hang out with from time to time is apparently gay.

Thanks Enquirer!

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