Trending in Style: Kristen Stewart Shows Off Her Underwear Again

Daaaamn, girl. Courtesy of Getty Images.

  • Just when you thought K-Stew couldn’t go more sheer, she wore this mini-dress for the premiere of On the Road. It’s like an oriental gown got picked apart and sewn together with 50s lingerie…and yet, she sort of rocks it.
  • Drew Barrymore will be releasing Flower, her new color cosmetics line, in a bunch of Wal-Marts come January.
  • The music video for Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble” is now out and, wow, did she go through a transformation! Between the pink dip-dyed hair, white fringe jacket and bandage dress/oversized t-shirt combos, she looks amazing!
  • Glenn O’Brien, the guy who wrote the script for the infamous Brad Pitt Chanel commercial, says he has no regrets and is actually flattered by the SNL parodies. What a good sport!
  • Headbands are an unrelenting source of joy in the world — they spruce up the dullest of up-dos, they push pesky curls away from your face — truly, you can do no wrong.