Kristin Chenoweth Has “12 Men of Christmas” In New Lifetime Movie

She is one lucky woman.

It would be so easy to hate Kristin Chenoweth. She’s got a voice that makes angels weep, an
Emmy, gets to strut around the set of Glee,
and now she’s telling hot mountain men to strip and getting her feet rubbed by Cougar Town’s Josh Hopkins. It’s a good thing
she’s irresistibly adorable.

In her new Lifetime movie, 12 Men of Christmas, premiering Saturday, she plays a big city
publicist who loses her job, and ends up in Montana running their tourism
department. When she doesn’t get results from the natural beauty, she decides
to go for the natural studliness of the men, and make a naked calendar. She
calls it Calendar Girls meets The Full Monty. I call it the plotline
that would have made me watch Men In

Since it is Christmas, Lifetime decided readers had been good and sent over all sorts of pictures, trailers and hottie goodness from the movie.

Santa, I’d like to go on record requesting Mr. November.

Kristin stopped by The
Wednesday to promote the movie, and she was busting out of her dress
as she busted out this clip with a naked Josh Hopkins shot from strategic
angles wearing only a modesty pouch.

I might be happy about going to work if I was surrounded by these guys.

I love how she bubbles about going to work and the men
having to strip for a change. There’s obviously a romance setup between her and
Josh, who plays Mr. December. It’s a shame about it being cold and rainy in
that clip though.

Overall, it looks like a fun movie that happens to be set at
Christmas, and avoids family trauma and replaces it with male beauty, and at
least a little homoeroticism, as you can see in the official trailer.

12 Men of Christmas
airs Saturday, December 5, at 9pm EST on Lifetime.

Enjoy the pictures from the calendar on the upcoming pages –
I love that they’ve used hot guys of every age, multiple ethnicities, and even
different body types. There’s something for everybody. 

Mr. January is ready to ride.

Next page see the rest of the year…

Mr. February has a playful streak.

Mr. March has a twinkle in his eye.

Mr. April comes with a buddy.

Mr. May comes with ropes.

Mr. June loves a gentle rain.

Mr. July needs some help with his fly – fishing.


Mr. August with a towel and coffee? Sign me up!

Mr. September can park his bike on my porch anytime.

Mr. October is all set to do something with wood.


And since I already claimed Mr. November back on the first page, let me present Kristin’s prize:

Mr. December, Josh Hopkins.

Have a favorite month? Sound off in the comments.

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