Kyle Dean Massey in The Poconos, Nick Adams’ Crotch Sparkles In P-Town: CELEBRITY INSTAGRAM

Dylan Sprayberry smolders for Bello, Colton Haynes isn't vegan, Chris Hemsworth wraps "Ghostbusters"

These two are nothing but the best kind of trouble together

Is Ellen’s gardener right on the edge of too ripped? Can you still hoe and look like that?

Because of course James Franco is reading this

Joe is going to continue having fun with Daily Mail for calling him “fuller figured”

What is up with the fascination with Hearst Castle lately?

Always good to have a friend with an insane amount of wine

Now we know what Keahu has been up to

Rehearsals just don’t look like fun

But are you wearing a Speedo?

We know you like meat, Colton

Nick manages to make sunglasses and not much else look good

Remember our hopes for sexy bearded and glasses Randy Harrison with The Skivvies? Instead we got a mime

What could have been!

Some days it’s tough to remember he’s only 17

Travis, Dom, Jesse, Justin and friends at the happiest place on earth

I don’t know what’s going on with Michael Taber since his Teen Wolf stint

I know the hotel had a drug theme going on with these treats, but isn’t that a real bottle of poppers they left for the gay guys?

Glad he’s going to be back on my TV, but I had hoped for more swimwear photos of them in Greece

It’s about time. Gay men have bought enough of his damn underwear

That’s…an unexpected pairing

Justin and Jesse managed to Shake it off

Progress is being made on the Like Summer movie

Chris Hemsworth didn’t spend long on the set of Ghostbusters, did he?

Kyle Dean Massey looks right at home in the Poconos

These two are going to be great together in AHS: Hotel

This is the right way to Dad

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