Kylie Minogue: An Icon Ascends As Her “Skirt” Drops

Last week, pixie pop-goddess on high Kylie Minogue quietly released a lyric video for her new non-single, “Skirt.”  While lyric videos, especially those for songs that aren’t even technically considered singles, typically don’t garner the kind of attention that official clips do, this gem most certainly deserves to be an exception.

Produced by Nom De Strip and written by The Dream, the song came out of nowhere as a Soundcloud “leak” on Kylie’s birthday.  No doubt a gift from the birthday girl herself to her beloved fans as they patiently await a collection of new material.  The song itself is a fresh, forward-thinking slice of electronic brilliance that finds Kylie once more seducing the listener with sultry commands of “down, down, down, down.”

Kylie’s iconic hit “Slow” featured a similar lyric, but somehow“Skirt” never feels self-indulgent, or even too self-referential to stand on its own.  Kylie’s entire persona could be encapsulated in a sly grin and cheeky wink, and this song is its quintessential sonic embodiment.

Forever playful, Kylie has proven over the years that she is most certainly not one to shy away from all things campy and glittery.  During the course of her illustrious 25-year career, however, she’s somehow evolved from a Locomotive Showgirl into a bold, visionary artist, who too often doesn’t get the credit she deserves.

How many pop stars these days have the nerve to star in a video in just a simple navy skirt, and nothing else?  No crazy costumes, no spikes or studs, no neon hair, just a beautiful woman—in a skirt.  Composed entirely of more than 1,500 still photographs shot in a Los Angeles hotel room, director Will Davidson has crafted a video so deceptively simple, yet beautiful, that it’s almost jarring to watch for the first time.

In an era of twenty-something girls desperately filling their music videos with everything but the kitchen sink as they clamor for viewer’s attention, it’s incredibly refreshing to watch a woman strip it all away, pull her skirt down a bit, and let the song—and her talent—shine.  We live in perpetual search of pop goddesses, and despite giving us exactly that on her last album, Aphrodite, Kylie has shed the effigy and truly become a goddess in her own right .

In “Skirt,” Kylie Minogue is not out to prove anything, and with that, proves that she herself is on the verge of an artistic supernova 25 years in the making.

Take whatever you want, Kylie.  This fan is eager to bask in you like rays of the sun.

Below, view images from Kylie: Fashion, a photo book dedicated to her fashion and music milestones over the last 25 years.


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And check out remixes of “Skirt” by Nom De Strip, GTA, Switch and Hot Mouth—out now.