50 Reasons Why Kylie Minogue Is Still Golden

Happy Birthday to the princess of pop!

Today, May 28, the princess of pop, Kylie Minogue, turns 50. She has been making us spin around on the dance floor for 30 years, and with her new critically-acclaimed album, Golden—and her upcoming headlining performance at NYC Pride—the pop diva is entering a new golden era of her life and career.

Scroll through below to check out 50 reasons why we still can’t get Kylie out of our heads.

  1. Pop perfection collaborations with Stock, Aitken and Waterman.  

  2. Her glamorous red carpet looks.

    Mike Marsland/Mike Marsland/WireImage
  3. Her new video for “Stop Me From Falling.”  

  4. The glowing ball from the “I Believe In You” video.  

  5. The “Slow” studs in Speedos.

  6. Her Cammy outfit in Street Fighter.

  7. The multiple Minogues in “Come Into My World.”  

  8. RuPaul loves her.

  9. Her disco duet with her sister Dannii.  

  10. Her #FriendshipGoals with Jake Shears.  

    Michael Buckner/Getty Images for LOGO
  11. Her collaboration with Giogrio Moroder.  

  12. Her ’70s Swinging Safari look.

    Vince Valitutti/Becker Film Group
  13. She spent Christmas with Doctor Who.  

  14. The sparkly guitar look from the “Dancing” video.

  15. Her ballads can break your heart.  

  16. These light-up gloves from “Get Outta My Way.”

  17. Her beautiful video for “Into the Blue.”  

  18. “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” is still one of the greatest dance songs ever.  

  19. Her vocal support of marriage equality in Australia.

    Cole Bennetts/Getty Images
  20. “Your Disco Needs You”—the gayest song ever?  

  21. She even shows love for her U.S. fans.  

  22. Her Kath & Kim cameo.  

  23. She knows how to make a traffic jam sexy.  

  24. Her 2012 Anti-Tour where she played nothing but B-sides and fan-favorites.  

  25. She’s a breast cancer survivor.

  26. The opening of “Better the Devil You Know” still gives us chills.  

  27. The water spectacle from the Les Folies Tour.  

  28. She’s the new queen of Christmas  

  29. She reminds us to “Breathe.”  

  30. Her current Golden country phase.  

  31. Her “Timebomb” strut.

  32. She does ABBA justice.  

  33. She’s a Greek goddess brought to life.

    Thorsten Overgaard/Getty Images
  34. This performance of “Wow” from The Kylie Show.  

  35. She even influenced the writers of Skins.  

  36. Her cover of the Absolutely Fabulous theme.  

  37. Charlene forever

    Dave Hogan/Hulton Archive/Getty Images
  38. Serving Green Fairy realness in Moulin Rouge.  

  39. She makes riding a giant skull look easy.

    Dave Hogan/Getty Images
  40. Medieval Minogue on Galavant.  

  41. Her interactions with her biggest fan.  

  42. Her “Spinning Around” shorts were on display at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

    JOHN D MCHUGH/AFP/Getty Images
  43. Her whole look from Body Language.

  44. Even her B-sides are bops.  

  45. Madonna loves her.

    Frank Micelotta/ImageDirect
  46. Her fabulous magazine photo spreads.

    Attitude Magazine
  47. Aphrodite from beginning to end.  

  48. She’s a Grammy winner!

    Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images
  49. The pool table dance moves from “Please Stay.”  

  50. The pop masterpiece, “Love At First Sight.”  

Happy Birthday, Kylie!

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