L.A. Pride Honors Pulse Victims By Releasing 49 Balloons Into The Air

"As we remember those lost, we must not forget the fight for the living."

Los Angeles pride organizers honored the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting by sending 49 purple balloons into the air at this Sunday’s Resist March.

The balloons were held by students of a local GSA and were released following remarks from Resist March organizer Brian Pendleton.

“As we remember those lost, we must not forget the fight for the living,” he said.

After this demonstration, marchers made their way down Hollywood Boulevard toward La Brea Avenue, then Sunset Boulevard before ending at the L.A. Pride grounds in West Hollywood.

Though the Resist March was billed as being non-partisan, there was a large anti-Trump sentiment among attendees and the speakers waiting to address them at the end of the march.

Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

These speakers included House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who encouraged the crowd to resist against the current administration.

“Now let me tell you this, what our colleagues and I hear sometimes in the Congress. ’It’s easy for you. You represent California, where people are so tolerant.’ And I say to them. ’Don’t use the word ‘tolerant,'” she said, according to Variety. “’That is a condescending word.’ This is not about tolerance. This is about taking pride. This is about respect.”

Representative Maxine Waters took it a step further by saying Trump “stands for the worst of everything” and led the crowd in a chant of “Impeach 45!”

“When he thinks he can mess with the LGBT community, he better know what happens right here in West Hollywood,” she added. “You deny, you disrespect, and you will find that there are people who have the courage to organize and to take back whatever needs to be taken back.”

Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images

While the rhetoric was certainly charged, the thousands of participants kept things peaceful. However, that didn’t stop some from defacing President Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with stickers reading “I Resist Homophobia” and “Drive Out Trump/Pence Fascist Regime.”

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