“Labor Day” Trailer: Kate Winslet Finds Love With Her Murderous Kidnapper

If you love movies with romance, intrigue and a whole lotta Stockholm Syndrome, boy do we have a film for you! It’s called Labor Day, and it stars Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin, both playing roles we are fairly certain we have seen before in the Lifetime classic The Ordeal of Patty Hearst.

So what is this gem of a film about? Well, as you can see by the trailer, Winslet plays a Sad Sally and single mom who is stocking up on multivitamins at her local Duane Reade when some brute, played by Brolin, kidnaps her and her son because he is on the run for murdering someone. Only he totally didn’t do it, and he claims he is being set up or something.

Then the brute starts fixing things around the house and sensually feeding Winslet gelato and there’s no man around to do any of these things so Winslet totally starts getting Stockholm’d by this motherfucker. To be fair though, we too would totally fall in love with a guy who did all of our household chores and fed us dessert foods. It’s kinda like that Rihanna song “We Found Love,” but somehow sadder.

The film is based on the popular novel by Joyce Maynard (that lady who used to bang J.D. Salinger), and directed by Jason Reitman, and seems like it will earn Miss Winslet yet another Oscar nod.