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Lady Bunny Joins Internet In Clocking Donald Trump’s Debate Contour

"I had no idea Trump's make-up team watched 'RuPaul's Drag Race.'"

Although Donald Trump’s excessive sniffling almost stole the show at last night’s presidential debate, it was really his makeup job that had the internet talking this morning. (Shockingly, praise of his policies was nowhere to be found.)

Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump Face Off In First Presidential Debate At Hofstra University
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The former reality-show host has been known for his orange, self-tanned skin for years, but the internet really had something to say about Donald’s contour from his first debate against Hillary Clinton.

Even Lady Bunny weighed in on The Donald’s beat face.

“I had no idea Trump’s make-up team watched RuPaul’s Drag Race,” said the legendary drag queen. “Too bad he missed the episode on wig styling!”

The next debate is not until October 9, so Trump still has some time to meet with a queen to learn how to perfect his face painting prowess.

h/t: Mic

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