Lady Bunny Has A Legendary Kiki “In The Dollhouse With Lina”

Bun-Bun and Lina Bradford keep it real and raunchy on the web show's season finale.

You gotta love bold ladies in bold prints.

Superstar DJ and trans activist Lina Bradford shows Wendy Williams how it’s done as host of the online chat show In the Dollhouse With Lina, which has welcomed guests like Janet Mock, Candis Cayne, and Whoopi Goldberg. Stopping by for the show’s second season finale is none other than international drag icon Lady Bunny.

Lady Bunny and Lina

Speaking of dollhouses, Bunny reveals that his parents gave him dolls as a little boy—even though they feared it would make him gay. The Wigstock founder jokes, “I told them later, ’If I wanted the dolls, it was too late.'”

The two squirrel friends also gab about foreskin, cab fellatio, and why the New York City gay scene was so much better in the old days. “It wasn’t a community unified by Grindr,” Bunny laments.

Bunny, who is currently touring with Trans-Jester, also brings up Trump: “Honey, I wish he would come and grab my pussy, because the truth is it’s a little further back than most and it’s kind of a shitty model.”

Crash the cackle below.

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