Lady Gaga Feels Her Desert Fantasy in New “911” Music Video

But everything isn't what it appears to be in the short film...


Earlier this week, Lady Gaga revealed that she had filmed a “short film” for “911,” the next single off of her latest album, Chromatica. Today, she delighted Little Monsters everywhere with its premiere.

The video opens with Gaga waking up in a desert next to a broken bicycle with spilled pomegranates on the sand around her. We then follow Mother Monster to a mission where she encounters unusual characters, like a man repeatedly pounding his head on a pillow and a woman cradling a mummified body.

Lady Gaga VEVO

In a shocking twist at the end of the film, we learn that Gaga’s villa fantasy is just that. She wakes up after being in a car accident with paramedics tending to her on the street as posters for White Sands National Park in New Mexico and The Color of Pomegranates look down on her.

The highly stylized video was directed by Tarsem Singh (The Cell, The Fall), and its visuals were heavily influenced by the 1969 film The Color of Pomegranates.

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“This short film is very personal to me, my experience with mental health, and the way reality and dreams can interconnect to form heroes within us and all around us,” Gaga wrote on her Instagram. “I’d like to thank my director/filmmaker Tarsem for sharing a 25-year-old idea he had with me because my life story spoke so much to him.”

She also thanked the Haus of Gaga and her crew for the extra precautions taken during filming, which resulted in no crew members falling ill with COVID-19.

Gaga performed “911” live at last month’s MTV VMAs as part of a Chromatica medley, which also saw the live premiere of “Rain on Me,” her hit collab with Ariana Grande.

Are you ready to feel your desert fantasy? Find out in the “911” video below.

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