Ryan Murphy Confirms Lady Gaga Is The Original Supreme In “American Horror Story”

Who's the baddest witch in town?

Compared to her role last season, Lady Gaga’s appearances on American Horror Story: Roanaoke have been fleeting and much less glamorous.


Gaga has spent most of her scenes bedraggled and feral, but creator Ryan Murphy told HuffPo “The Witch” is no throwaway—she’s actually an integral part of the AHS mythos.


“We’re going to do a return to the ‘Coven’ season in some capacity,” Murphy said. “So that character will be further explored then.”

AHS: Coven featured Jessica Lange as the Supreme, an all-powerful witch charged with looking after her coven. Lange’s spellcasters originated in Salem but, Gaga’s Roanaoke witch dates all the way back to the Druids and Romans.


The singer’s involvement this season was limited due to her work schedule, says Murphy, but this character will get her fair due.

“I knew that this character was important to the mythology of the show, and I really wanted her to play that character,” Murphy says, adding that “the return-to-’Coven’ season” won’t be Season 7. “But we’re definitely going to do it.”

American Horror Story airs Wednesdays at 10pm on FX.

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