Lady Gaga Bought Taylor Kinney A $55,000 Women’s Backpack For His Birthday

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

So, remember that $55,000 crocodile backpack Damien Hirst made in connection with The Row, Mary Kate and Ashley’s fashion line? The backpack that is so expensive and luxe that only 12 were made? Well, according to The Sun, Lady Gaga just snapped one up for boyfriend Taylor Kinney’s birthday.

That is some gift.

Apparently Taylor has a love of backpacks, so Gaga thought this would be just the thing. Now, we are going to assume this was bought more as an art piece for Taylor, if this story is even true, and not something Gaga thought he would wear out and about, because it would be very, very odd to see the muscular and large Kinney walking around with this on his back.

But who knows, to each their own.