Lady Gaga Can’t Stop Crying About The Little Monster Who Videobombed Local News Report

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Brendan Jordan can’t EVEN right now.

The 15-year-old got a taste of the fame last weekend when a clip of him doing some Lady Gaga dance moves on local television went viral. Last night, Mother Monster herself congratulated him for taking his moment.

Gaga, who apparently just got “committed” to Chicago Fire actor Taylor Kinney, tweeted out “I know I was on vacation, but when are we going to talk about the boy who did “Applause” choreography in the background of a news report?”

To show how appreciative she was, Gaga added a weeping smiley face emoji.

lady gaga

Brendan so completely lost his shiz that he forgot how to use words “SHES TOAKKING ANOUT ME,” he wrote.

lady gaga

Almost two hours later Brendan confirmed he was still having a cow: “STILL FREAKING OUT BC LADY GAGA IS LOOKING FOR ME I NEED TO PROCESS THIS I CAN TBNAN.”

Is he speaking in tongues?


lady gaga

Perhaps not realizing the paroxysms of excitement she would send him into, Gaga tweeted back “I love you baby!” directly at Brendan. “You really showed the world when that camera was rolling! A real monster, grabbing life by the face for a kiss!”

lady gaga

The openly gay Nevada teen only joined Twitter on Sunday, but one of his first tweets was to show the singer due praise. “[I don’t know] why people are comparing me to Lady Gaga,” he wrote. “I worship her as a goddess, and would never try to ‘compete’ with her.”

Thankfully it looks like Brendan came back down to Earth in time to record a very sweet Spirit Day message. You go Brendan Jordan!



(My voice sounds so gay) HELLO EVERYONE! Remember to wear purple for today’s #SpiritDay to support Anti-Bullying. So let’s all Take A Stand Against Bullying and support the #LGBT community together!

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