Lady Gaga Debuts “Sex Dreams,” “Swine” At iTunes Festival

Lady Gaga debuted new material from ARTPOP today at the iTunes Festival in London, where lucky Brits got to hear songs like “Swine,” “Manicure,” “Sex Dreams” and the already released Lady Gaga previewed her new song "Swine" during an iTunes Festival rehearsal.“Applause.” described the set thusly:

Gaga’s iTunes Festival performance was a major pop moment. It was a real event! She pulled off onstage costume changes, premiered exciting new music, surprised everyone with a live reveal of not one, not two but three rappers on “Jewels and Drugs” and put on some of the weirdest, most thrilling and off-kilter performances that you didn’t see at this year’s VMAs, which only seem to become more conservative with each passing year. (Twerking causing a global controversy? Girl, please.)

Take a listen and tell us what you think of the songs—and of Lady Gaga’s performance.

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