Lady Gaga Explains “ARTPOP” Track-by-Track: LISTEN

You don’t need a Masters degree in Art History to understand the semiotic nuances of Lady Gaga’s post-modern masterpiece ARTPOP.  But if you’re concerned about missing some avant-garde reference to Damien Hirst or Jeff Koons, have no fear!  Gaga took to Sirius XM for a track-by-track explanation of each song off her newest album (above).

“How can we, the artists, beckon for our ideas and for our visions to be the most important thing, the thing that’s driving culture?  … It’s really a metaphor for love … If we can belong together, then maybe art and pop can belong too,” says Gaga describing the titular track. Uh, sure!  That makes sense.

h/t: OhNoTheyDidn’t

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