Lady Gaga Reveals Jeff Koons Is Sculpting Her For “ARTPOP” Cover


Lady Gaga told fans months ago that ARTPOP would integrate art into pop music. Hell, she actually spelled it out in “Applause.” She’s kiki-ed with performance-art queen Marina Abramovic, Went to Robert Wilson’s Watermill Center and now Mother Monster reveals she hired post-Pop artist Jeff Koons to sculpt her likeness for the cover of the ARTPOP album.

Do people look at albums anymore?

Gaga spills the t in October’s Elle magazine, as reported by Complex:

“[Koons] is making a sculpture of me, and it’s going to be my album cover.” They were apparently introduced to each other by Miuccia Prada at the Met Costume Gala in 2010 and have been hanging out at his studio in New York and farm in Pennsylvania. Koons told Elle that Gaga is “a listener,” and she admits to “hanging on his every word.”

Gaga also reveals that she’s been training in the “art of performance” with Marina Abramovic and Robert Wilson and prefaced it all with, “as a student of Warhol, I’m now the manifestation of his dreams.”

Oh honey, please—you’re good and all that but the worst thing a pop star can do is believe her own hype.

Still, Gaga has good taste, or at least deep pockets: One of Koons scultpures sold for $23.6 million at auction in 2007, the most ever paid for a work by a living artist.

ARTPOP drops on November 11.

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