Lady Gaga Leaks 90-Second Clip From “ARTPOP,” New Album’s Title Track: LISTEN

Lady Gaga continues to generate interest for her forthcoming release, ARTPOP, with a leak of a 90-second clip from the album’s title track.

Come to me, in all your glamor and cruelty
Just do that thing that you do
And I’ll undress you

Give it time, sometimes the simplest move is right
The melody that you choose
Can rescue you?

A hybrid can withstand these things
My heart can beat with bricks and strings
My ARTPOP could mean anything

We could, we could, belong together (ARTPOP)
We could, we could, belong together (ARTPOP)
We could, we could, belong together (ARTPOP)

It was just yesterday that Mother Monster released “Do What U Want,” featuring R. Kelly. It’s likely we’ll hear more from ARTPOP before it launches worldwide on November 11.

Below, the audio of Gaga’s full performance of “ARTPOP” at September’s iTunes festival.


Feature image: Ernesth Garcia

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